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The originators of the Away Game TAKEOVER experience pioneered in Atlanta at the "Yellow Lot" NFC champ game 2012 season.  We like the Spartan theme because not only does it fit nicely with the 49er 1st down ARUU ARUU ARUU chant at home games, we take it on the road too and that's a whole new level!!!  If you embrace the challenge of supporting your 49ers away from the Bay, then join us for crazy view parties at the Rock n Taco in Atlanta Georgia.  Travel with us and go all out during our marque away game tailgates with partner clubs and some of the best die-hard 49er fans you'll ever meet.


Thank you for supporting us and Go Niners!!! 

Spartans of the Niner Empire are hands down some of the most fierce die-hard 49er fans on the planet.  Spend a weekend with us at an away game city take-over or watch a 9er game with us at the Rock n Taco in Buckhead GA and you'll understand.

David "Spartan Niner" Kahn

Spartan Niner EmpireCEO

 Spartans of the NINER EMPIRE

   Official San Francisco 49ers Booster Club

Legal Note: the Spartans of the Niner Empire is a 100% independent 49er fan club. There are four flavors of Niner Fan club/slogan type distinctions out there, 49er Empire, Niner Empire, The Niner Empire & the official SF 49er's Niner Empire you see branded and sold in places like Target.  We are not specifically affiliated with any of the the above.  We are the Spartan Niner Empire and we do not care what fan club you roll with, we only care that you are a 49er Faithful.  We are not affiliated with the 49ers organization (although we are an official booster club and they know who we are:) We're not a part of the NFL. We have no rights to Bailey's recording of "Who's got it better than us?" or "FOX NFL Theme Song" or "Niner's in Paris" "SF Anthem" but we love to play them often! 

And lastly, we have no rights to and SF 49er logos that may show up in our event photos. 

We're just a bunch of fanatics who are completely nuts in our support of the San Francisco Forty Niners!

  • SF Anthem Faithfully, Solodarity3:40

Spartan tee-shirts, moisture wicking, double printed, choice of reg, tank or long sleeve when you buy our shirt, you support our club and we support the 49ers like there is no tomorrow, just like you.  We all have that Bill Walsh, never quit, be your best spirit, just like the Spartans centuries ago!

$20 each plus shipping please specify in the notes what style you want and size. 

we put group orders in every 3-4 weeks so please be patient, thank you for supporting!

Atlanta 49er bar

rock n taco 

Spartan Headquarters!

Every 49er Game with AUDIO!

3247 Roswell Road

Atlanta, Georgia 30305