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is our Rally Towel


Welcome to Spartans of the Niner Empire info center!


We like the Spartan theme because not only does it fit nicely with the 49er 1st down ARUU ARUU ARUU chant at home games, we take it on the road too and that's a whole new level!!!  If you embrace the challenge of supporting your 49ers away from the Bay, then join us for crazy view parties at the Rock n Taco in Buckhead Georgia and go all out during our marque away game tailgates with partner clubs and some of the best diehard 49er fans you'll ever meet. ON this site you'll find info on our gatherings, membership and some Spartan'ized fund raising gear that helps us "do what we do".  Proceeds go towards our tailgate events, club administration and in some cases, only cover the cost.

Thank you and Go Niners!!!

Spartans of the Niner Empire are hands down some of the most fierce die-hard 49er fans on the planet.  Spend a weekend with us at an away game city take-over or watch a 9er game with us at the Rock n Taco in Buckhead GA and you'll understand.

David "Spartan Niner" Kahn

Spartans of the Niner Empire, President &  49ers Away Game Tailgate CEO

 Spartans of the NINER EMPIRE

   Official San Francisco 49ers Booster Club

Please be advised that we are not getting rich on these sales... we cover the cost and it's high cause we can't afford to print a mass quantity.  What is left over goes towards tailgate takeover parties, minor basic admin costs to run the club and local charities.

Thank you,

Spartan Niner Empire President, Dave Kahn

Legal Note: the Spartans of the Niner Empire is a 100% independent 49er fan club. There are three flavors of Niner Empire out there in 49er Empire country.  "Niner Empire", "The Niner Empire" & the SF 49ers official Niner Empire you see in Target stores and etc.  We are not specifically affiliated with any of the three but friends with all of them (it's about the Niners not us:).  We are the Spartan Niner Empire and we do not care what fan club you roll with, we only care that you are a die-hard Faithful 49er fan.  We are not affiliated with the 49ers organization (we are an official booster club though and they know who we are:) and we're not a part of the NFL. We have no rights to Bailey's recording of "Who's got it better than us?" or "FOX NFL Theme Song" or "Niner's in Paris" "SF Anthem" but we love to play them often! 

And lastly, we have no rights to 49er logo's that may show up in our event photos. 

We're just a bunch of fanatics who are completely nuts in our support of the San Francisco Forty Niners!

  • SF Anthem Faithfully, Solodarity3:40

2014 Spartan Membership

Official San Francisco Booster Club

Perks include Rally Towel (shown to the left or above), Initial Booster 49er Pin (you only get one, ever) &

"Spartan Only" Tailgate VIP upgrade for Dallas Tailgate (NOT A FOOD TICKET) If you need the towel shipped please use the $5.00 Shipping button and add to your cart.

   $21.50 Per Season

   (the 1.50 covers paypal fee)

Rock n Taco is a Spartan 49er Joint!

   Ask for Ali, tell him the Spartans sent ya,

they take great care of 49er fans!

3247 Roswell Rd. NE, Atlanta GA 30305



MENS  Moisture Wicking (some of the XL's will be Reg Tee Material)

Please send an email to specifying which X you need.

XL, 2X, 3X, 4X, 5X


2014 spartan T-shirts!                                              

Those local to Atlanta can pick shirt up at the Rock n Taco during a Spartan gathering to avoid shipping costs.  Proceeds go towards flagship BBQ we're working to fund, so THANK YOU for the support and wear it proudly!

The shirt print WILL be better than this pic and potentially could be gold ink on a Red shirt instead of white.

Spartan custom 49er dream bbq, highway ready and a tailgate nightmare for the opposing fans in their parking lots!!!

We need A LOT of dough for this puppy and looking forward to adding your name or your companies name to this beast. It will be around and at all of our event and Tailgate Away Game Takeovers for a long, long time:)  Please see details on our info flyer posted on the Spartan Niner Empire FaceBook page.

It will look something like the pic, only with more Red & Gold with SF logos everywhere.  Thank you for your support and can't wait to chomp on some tasty BBQ and hold a cold one up in the air standing beside this baby! GO NINERS!!!!

                         Descriptions for Donor level and perks listed on Facebook Spartan Page flyer.

               We can't do this without you and you will never be forgotten as your name will be on this beast!

 DeBartolo's Finest          Red & Gold Blooded Spartan Warrior            49ER Spartan Faithful

          $249.00                                            $49.00                                                       $16

The paint job will be out of this world 9er style!

The pics are only examples for how big we're going.

Shipping& Handling  (PER ORDER, multiple items OK)

If you're outside the Atlanta area and can't pick up at the Taco

$5.71 PER ORDER, not per unit:)



Moisture Wicking

Sizes XS, S, M, L

Please send an email to for size required.


SPARTAN Long Sleeve


(Long sleeve material is regular tee )

Please send an email to specifying male or female with size required.


SPARTAN Hoodie!!!


(Hoodie material is regular tee)

Please send an email to specifying male or female with size required.


money raised from T-shirt sales will go towards custom 2014 bbq fund!!!


MENS or WOMENS versions!  (Dickie's Brand)

Please send an email to specifying male or female with size required.

Shirts comes with a "SPARTAN" & "FAITHFUL" patch on left and right front breasts. (Booster Pin show in pic is NOT included) your club has to provide that to you if you are an SF Booster.

We custom make this shirt PER ORDER... you get one patch on each front breast, (left & right) (pic shows 4 total... please note price includes only two)

If you have a special request for alternate front patch lettering, please include in email and we'll let you know what we can do.

You also get one arm embroidered with non-trade marked numbers and letters 4  9 e r s :) & the full Spartan Logo with lettering as shown on the back.

There is no profit for us to produce this shirt at $125 each.  That is our cost and our contribution to any 49er Fan that wants to represent Spartan Style!

Takes 2-3 weeks to create and ship once order is placed.

$ 125.00 each, any size male or female cut.


MENS  Moisture Wicking

Please send an email to specifying which size you need.

Small, Medium, Large


Shipping& Handling

If you are not local to the Atlanta area we can ship it to you!  $5.00 per order, not unit:)



XL & up Reg Tee Material

Please send an email to for size required.