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The originators of the Away Game TAKEOVER (Invasion) experience!  A Takeover consists of 100's of Niner Fans organized at   an AWAY Game for meet n greet the day before and a kick butt tailgate party game day on enemy turf.  We pioneered it on a large scale in Atlanta at the "Yellow Lot" NFC champ game 2012 season and we've got the pics to prove it.  We like the Spartan theme because it fits nicely with 49er 1st downs at Levi, ARUUooo ARUUooo ARUUooo… AND, we take it on the road and that's a whole new level!  If you embrace the challenge of supporting your 49ers "Away from the Bay", then join the Spartan Niner Empire as an individual or an entire booster club looking for solidarity in an organized, fun spirited pumped up style! If you love the 49ers, we love YOU!  Spartans travel well and we DO NOT discriminate between any 49er fan club allegiances, if you are an SF Booster, you ARE family.  No matter where you live across the United States or on the other side of the globe, travel with us to our marque away game tailgates.  You'll be in great company  with partner clubs, individual traveling 49er fans, 49er celebrities and some of the best die-hard 49er faithful fans you'll ever meet.


Thank you for supporting us and Go Niners!!! 



  Official San Francisco 49ers Booster Club

Legal Note: the Spartans of the Niner Empire is a 100% independent 49er fan club. There are four flavors of Niner Fan club/slogan type distinctions out there, 49er Empire, Niner Empire, The Niner Empire & the official SF 49er's Niner Empire you see branded and sold in places like Target.  We are not specifically affiliated with any of the the above.  We are the Spartan Niner Empire and we do not care what fan club you roll with, we only care that you are a 49er Faithful.  We are not affiliated with the 49ers organization (although we are an official booster club and they know who we are:) We're not a part of the NFL. We have no rights to Ashkon's performance of "Niner's in Paris".  

And lastly, we have no rights to any SF 49er logos that may show up in our event photos. 

We're just a bunch of fanatics who are completely nuts in our support of the San Francisco Forty Niners!

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Atlanta 49er bar, rock n taco Spartan Headquarters!

Every 49er Game with AUDIO!                          3247 Roswell Road, Atlanta, Georgia 30305, 404-841-1048

Supporting the 49ers "away from the bay"!

49er Fans from ALL OVER the country

and many of the

Southern & East Coast Niner Empire Chapters

July 24-25 Atlanta Buckhead Takeover!!!


We're going to raffle off some really cool stuff 49er fans! You can buy your raffle tickets below from now till July 25th.  Drawing will be live at the Red Martini Saturday afternoon, July 25th at 4 P.M. (you do not have to be present to win)

Use the PayPal button below to buy your tickets, NO LIMIT.  100% of proceeds go towards all the stuff we have to pay for that food tickets won't cover for the event. Good Luck and hope to see you in July!!!

Each ticket you purchase gives you a chance to win any of the items below (in the order drawn, i.e. first draw is for a lesser value item and each draw goes up in the item's value till we get to the grand prizes). We are still adding more donated 49er stuff to increase your chances of winning something. There may be up to 20 donated items in the prize pool by July 25th!

On draw day, we'll award the grand prizes like the Spartan Helmet, Steve Young Replica Superbowl Ring, Steve Wallace signed size 15 Red n Gold 60 Year Edition Adias high tops and last Candlestick Game Pin issued towards the end of the drawings. 


 No Limit, No Refunds, Do Not have to be present to win.

But you better be there! 


 Example, if you want 4 tickets,

 then donate $20.00 for 4 chances to win.

Email questions or issues donating to

Attention To:  Spartan Dave

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Prize Pool, we WILL add more items but these are a few of the big ones!